What is Prashna Kundali

Janampatri softwares are widely used nowadays for quick and accurate future insights. Such softwares are an easily accessible source for astrological assistance.

Apart from that, it satisfies the natural tendency of every human-the curiosity of knowing the past present and future! Online Janam Kundali is the base of every prediction.

Also, Prashna kundali is another tool that astrologers use to solve your doubts and questions. What is prashna Kundali and how it differs from general kundali predictions, what merits it carry? This article will spill the beans!

Vedic Astrology and Predictions

Vedic astrology is an ancient method of future forecasting. It is a time-tested and accurate way to get an insight into our past, present, and future.

There are various other sub-techniques that astrologers use, along with your Janam Kundali, to foresee your fate. Numerology, palmistry, Handwriting predictions are supportive measures that can help to define your future elaborately.

Moreover, Lal Kitab, Prashna kundali, KP chart -are a different instrument for future forecasting. These are all aimed to get a better idea bout your fate.

What is Prashna Kundali?

Janam Kundali is the mapping of the exact locations of various planets at the time of your birth. Astrologers foresee your future based on your Janam Kundali. That is why free online Janam Patri is a handy tool nowadays.

However, the only limitation of these reliable predictions is- it needs an accurate date and time of birth. Without it, you can not use predictive astrology.

On the other hand, many people are not aware of their birth time and date, but they want to use astrological insights. They are skeptical in many life areas and need divine guidance.

Prashna Kundali-is, the answer for all such needy people. Astrologers develop this easy-to-use technique for all those who are not aware of birth time and date. It is a source of prediction which does not require any information of native.

Additionally, it is a kundali based on the time when someone asked the question. A union of Prashna Kundali and online Janam Kundali can quickly solve any problem.

The forecast is made by astrological software, and generally, you may get the answer in YES or NO.

Benefits of Prashna Kundali

Now that you know how Janam Kundali and Prashna Kundali are different, you must be thinking what are the merits of Prashna Kundali!

  • Your birth time is not required. As we already saw any native can use it even if he does not know his date and time of birth
  • The most useful aspect of Prashan Kundali is you do not need to meet an astrologer. Prashan Kundali software can quickly draw it
  • The combination of Prashna Kundali and Janam Kundali can create wonders for you! Get your Janam Kundali from reliable Janampatri software and foresee your future
  • You can quickly find answers of your doubts and questions
  • If you frame your questions correctly, Prashan Kundali can be a one-stop and direct solution for all your questions
  • People with a wrong horoscope can also get correct answers to their worries. This can be an excellent aid for people who are suffering from wrongly generated horoscope
  • It is the exclusive platform of astrology which deals with an existing platform, instead of dealing with the future worries or predictions
  • It is a right and direct way to get crisp answers. Sometimes you do not need detailed explanations. Just plain YES or NO is required. And that is where you can use Prashna Kundali.
  • It is the best tool to make practical and strategic decisions. With the help of free online Janam Kundali, you can plan your future life course accurately.

How Does Prashna Kundali work?

Horary astrology is one of the most useful and dynamic branches of Vedic astrology. Prashna, which literally means a question or problem, is called Horary Astrology in the West.
Once you have any doubt-problem or question about your current condition, you raise the proper question. This is the first phase of the Prashan Kundali process, wherein you need to frame your questions correctly.

Once you have any doubt-problem or question about your current condition, you raise the proper question. This is the first phase of the Prashan Kundali process, wherein you need to frame your questions correctly.

Moreover, the more precise and direct question you generate, the more proper answer you can get from it. The time and place where exactly you thought about that particular question -is the base for your predictions.

Once you give that place and time, astrologers or any software develop a kundali based on that time and date. This kundali is your Prashna Kundali, and based on it; you will have all your forecasts.

Of course, you can have a question about all the fields of life. You may use Prashna kundali for romantic questions, Career-related questions, or simply a question for your health and wellbeing.

How to use Prashna Kundali effectively?

To use this astronomical instrument effectively, follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

  • Prashan is a very elaborative method. Even a trained astrologer may need extended time and effort if you are unclear about your own Prashna.
  • There are specific rules to develop Prashna Kundali accurately. The provisions of horary astrology do not apply to natal astrology
  • Horary astrology works best with the rightly framed direct questions and doubts. Failure in getting the right prediction simply means failure in generating the precise question
  • Any question based on emotions, past life, future event, or any sensitive issue may not get the correct prediction, as they are not direct and time precise

Keep the things mentioned above in mind while using Prashna Kundali. Get your online Janam Kundali free and use it along with Prashna Kundali to get a complete insight into our life.

The bonus tip for you is-Know yourself inside out and follow other Astro aspects with the help of Janampatri software as a wide-angle lens to your life! Zoom in and take an overview of a profound life aspect!

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